If I could tell you how excited I am to be teamed up with Dude, Sustainable! on this might not believe me!

Green Living Thursdays! is a place for bloggers to link up their favorite posts about: Green/Sustainable Living Practices
  • Gardening 
  • Do-It-Yourself Projects for the Home, Garden or Office Creative 
  • Re-use Arts and Crafts Eco-Friendly Projects
  •  Products Politics, Society and Culture (so long as it relates to sustainability)
  •  Renewable and Alternative Energies Personal Stories
We'd love to hear it all! Pretty much whatever you'd like, so long as it remains sensitive to the mission of Dude, Sustainable! - 

Meet your HOST - Dude, Sustainable!

 If you haven't met Dude, Sustainable!  yet, DO IT NOW! His name is really Robert Nelson...but I stll call him Dude. He has an amazing site focused on responsible living that gives information about being green and eco-friendly--there are also bogging tips too!

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And of course, you know me...your co-host!

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Enough with introductions....ONTO THE GREEN LIVING THURSDAY BLOGHOP!


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