Mommy's Manic Monday LinkUp #3

Sometimes....Monday's just start out this way!

Mommy's Manic Monday Link Up #3

I hope that everyone had a beautiful weekend! We had a lot of cooking and even more eating at my house this weekend so it is definitely time to get back to the routine!

This weekend, I made my whole wheat garlic&cheddar biscuits so I thought it would be fitting to link up some of the heath benefits of the "stinky rose"! Not that anyone has to convince me to eat garlic...I LOVE it and swear that it is even good in desserts but just in case you need some reasons...I have them for you!

Maybe you didn't have a chance to blog this weekend and maybe you did...either way -
Share anything that you have just lying around! It could be a recipe, etsy store, article about family or fitness, tips, etc.... Its  Monday and this mommy is too tired for rules!

**If the link tool that says "You're next" doesn't show the purple post title and it will!

Okay...maybe a few...
Link up and Follow As Many others as you can!
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Nothing X Rated please!
If you back - if not...its Monday and you have a lot to do so no worries!!

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I wanted to share a post from last week from Upcycled Stuff

Check out how she turned old cans into a super cute and functional hanging herb garden!
Check it out here at Upcycled Stuff!

I hope to post my version of this soon. I say my version because nothing I make EVER turns out like what it is supposed to!


I Can't Wait to See What Everyone Has Been Up To!

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting. Please stop by my site,
    Ducks ‘n a Row , for my Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop. It goes live every Tuesday evening at 7pm EDT. Hope to see you there.

    Sinea Ducks ‘n a Row

    1. I will certainly be there! THANKS FOR THE INVITE!!

  2. New to your site! Looking forward to reading it! Now following.
    Feel free to stop over at my blog and say hi

  3. I love your recipe and cant wait to try it!!